R.S Revision Notes For and Against Capital Punishment

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For and Against Capital punishment.


Capital punishment is taking away the life of criminals to either protect the public from them or to provide a deterrent to people trying to commit similar crimes.


People who support capital punishments have the following arguments:


Ø  Executing criminals who have committed serious crimes could protect innocent members of the public from them, i.e. if you execute criminals they are no longer a burden to society as you do not have to provide lots of security to stop them from escaping and his will cut costs. So if you execute all murderers you will not have to spend lots of money protecting the public from them and people will not have to worry about them ever escaping.


People may disagree with criminals being executed to solely protect the public will say that you can still protect the public and not execute them as you can keep them in prison.


Ø  Some people may also argue for the death penalty as they may quote the saying “an eye for an eye” meaning that if somebody murdered them they would want them to suffer the same punishment that the murder inflicted on them – death.


People may disagree with this as it is a cruel and unusual punishment.


Ø  Also people may argue for capital punishment as it provides a deterrent for other criminals plotting to commit similar crimes that somebody else has committed and has been sentenced to death. This may


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