Rio de Janeiro- Megacity

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The Fueval art project by the dutch duo Haas&Hahn with the aim of boosting community pride painted 34 houses in rainbow colours

In 2008 Santa Marta was the first state to be pacificed under the state programme to expel drug gang crime by installing a police base and social change projects

Pacification means creches, new houses, concrete steps and a free tram transporting 6,500 residents

The build which traffickers used to hide in is now used for boxing and judo

Always a police car and camera

A cable car installed which is 28p for residents but claims to be pro tourists not residents

electricity meter installed by the electricity company after pacification


  • rural-urban migration of largely young immigrants means above average rates of fertility
  • Develop on steep hillsides where landslides are threat
  • Public services such as education and health have been inadequate
  • The mountainous relief limits the space for building
  • Development of informal sector
  • Few road tunnels means congestion
  • Mountainous relief causes photochemical smog
  • Guanabara Bay has no marine life left and commerical fishing decreased by…


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