population density of brazil and the uk

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  • population density of a country
    • UK
      • low population density - wales, Scotland around 62 people per sq km
        • high relief of land, mountainous areas
        • too steep to farm on and makes development of good infrastructure hard
      • high population density - London, Birmingham around 1/3 of UK's population live in the South East and around 8 million live in the capital, London
        • many move to London for the large quantity of higher paid and higher skilled jobs
      • 1800's to 21st century
        • baby boom after the war - influenced whole structure of the population - second baby boom
        • men died in the war which reduced population
        • however when men returned, there was a huge increase in pregnancies and births....
    • brazil
      • sertao
        • low population density
          • very high climates
          • high/hard land relief
          • no easy access
      • sao paulo
        • high population density
          • lower climates
          • better infrastructure, lots more jobs
          • 11.9 million inhabitants, most populated state
          • flatter land, easier to build on
      • rio de janeiro
        • high population density
          • lower climates
          • largest airport in brazil, lots of jobs
          • better infrastructure, lots more jobs
          • 6.5million people, second largest


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