Right Realism

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Right Realists sees crime as a real growing problem. They feel that it threatens to undermine the existing social cohesion, and their current work ethic. 

Right realists are less about discovering or figuring the theories of crime, and are more concerned with developing practical solutions to end it. 

They criticise other theories for failing to offer any practical solutions to crime, and they also regard labelling and subcultural theories as to sympathetic to the criminal and too harsh on the social control agencies. 

They are less concerned with the causes of crime and are interested in figuring out practical solutions. 

But they do have a viewpoint on the possible causes of crime, which are as follows. 

Right realists claim that crime is causes by a combination of biological and social factors. 

The biological differences amongst individuals is what makes some people more innately predisposed to commit crime. 

Whilst you may be at a predisposition due to your biology, effective socialisation, in the right realist view is what decreases the likelihood of the individual commiting a crime.

But poor or unsuccessful socialisation, paired with the predisposition in biological make up, then they think you are at a higher risk of commiting crime. 

Murray claims that crime is increasing due to the growing underclass, or in his words, the new rabble. 

Murray, a right realist, thinks that with the welfares state generous revolution it has allowed increasing members of society to become dependent on the state. along with this, it has led to the decline of the nuclear family and a rise in lone parent families. 

Right realists think that lone mothers are ineffective in socialising their…


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