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Unit 4 Citizenship

Universal Human Rights (for five human rights cases see separate sheets)
Universal Rights

Human rights are those rights that belong to every individual simply because they are human
beings. They embody the basic standards without which people cannot realise their inherent
human dignity. They are universal, no…

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When a case of breaching human rights abuse comes to the forefront citizens can seek
redress through the legal system. One major way they can do this is to attract attention from
the Media which in turn generates a bad name for the people / organisation who is
breaching human…

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Specific needs of young people in the UK: the right to vote has been debated numerous
amounts of times, normally involving the lowering of the age to vote to 16. Under 18s
therefore have the right to vote breached. Even if the law got lowered to 16 people under

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The Holocaust is a case study involving genocide and war crimes. After the First World War,
the Jewish people were made the scapegoat for the ills of the German people and its
economy. Once in power, Hitler's Nazi party placed further divisions between what they
regarded as the true German…

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Doctrine of Pre-Emption to justify the conflict as it was better to strike first rather than
suffer another attack. From this America's War on Terror began against the Middle East as
the main threat, including Saddam Hussein. George W Bush claimed in his first state of union
address that Iraq…

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secretary general took over the mediation which led to the power being divided and a
coalition government being created.

Mediation ­ a neutral third party consults and helps the conflicting parties reach a
compromise. Mediator cannot and doesn't offer an opinion, and the parties may not
wish to compromise.

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Globalisation is the process by which countries are becoming more interconnected. It refers
to how companies, brands, ideas and lifestyles have spread across the world. It treats the
world economy as a single market with no barriers. Politically globalisation has allowed
countries like China to become increasingly powerful and counter…

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Land Use is the process by which wilderness or the natural environment is modified by
humans for their own purposes (pasture, agriculture, or settlements). It has a great impact on
our natural resources such as water and oil. The major effect of land use is deforestation
which is the removal…

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The General Assembly ­ the main forum of the UN where all 193 members are
represented equally and policy is made.
The Security Council ­ this is where the power resides. The 15 member states are
tasked with maintaining international peace and security. Five permanent members
are: UK, USA, China,…

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2. Post-conflict and Fragile State ­ 80% of the 20 poorest countries in the world have
suffered a major conflict in the past 15 years. World Bank and UN work together to
provide assistance and help maintain peace in the regions.
3. Middle-income Countries ­ perceived as creditworthy, parts of…




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