Liberal feminist views on the family

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  • Liberal feminist views on family
    • emphasize cultural norms and values
      • reinforced by the family and by other institutions in society
        • Family is sexist because it supports mainstream culture
    • believe social change is possible
      • try to put pressure on institutions
        • legal system
        • government
          • change laws and social policies which discriminate against women
            • legal system
    • optimistic about gender equality
      • claim equality is slowly occurring through a shift of attitudes - legal changes
      • stress the importance of women being socialised and educated so they have the right to choose career/family role or combination
    • recognizes that women's position in the family
      • women taking on the major responsibility for housework and childcare, have adverse affects on their power, careers and health
    • changing socialisation and parenting practices
      • avoiding gender stereotypes steering women into housewife-mother role
    • establishing and asserting the legal rights of women as individuals
      • equal pay act (1970)
      • sex discrimination act (1975)
      • equality act (2010)
    • establishment of equality in maternity and paternity leave
    • better and cheaper childcare
      • more sharing of housework and childcare tasks with men
    • stronger action against domestic violence
    • criticism
      • while they make proposals that improve the position of women they dont tackle the fundamental inequalities women face as a result of patriarchy and and capitalism



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