Revison notes part 1 summary

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  • Exchange surface- A specialised area adapted to make it easier for molecules to cross from one side of the surface to the other
  • Magnification is the measure of enlargement is how many times bigger an image is than real life.
  • Resolution- the ability to distinguish between two points seperately, it is how much detail there is
  • In light microscopy some stains bind to specific celle structures allowing them to be seen
  • In electron microscopy stain such as metal salts and metal particles scatter the electron giving it contrast allowing the specimen to be seen
  • Scanning electron microscope= 3D image- x100 000
  • Transmission electron microscope= x500 000
  • Resolution= 0.2nm(100x more than light microscope)
  • Division of Labour- Each type of organelle has a specific role within in the cell, different organelles work together each contributing to the survival of the cell
  • Ultrastructure- detail of


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