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Pure Water Solution
High water Low Water
Potential Potential
Animal Cell Water moves in Water moves out
Cell Bursts CRENATED
Plant Cell Water moves in Water moves out
Cell becomes Cell is

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Globular Protein Fibrous Protein
Soluble in Water Insoluble in Water
Wide range of amino acid Approx.…read more

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Straight Chain Straight chain with alternating beta glucose
Tends to coil up Forms straight chains
The beta glycosidic bond can only be broken
down by cellulose enzyme, which herbivores
have, but humans don't
Plant storage polysaccharide Forms plant cell walls…read more

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Cholesterol are transported around the body in the form of lipoproteins...
High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL)
A combination of Unsaturated Fat, Cholesterol and Protein A combination of Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Protein
Carry Cholesterol from body tissue to the liver Carry Cholesterol from liver to body tissues
Where Cholesterol is broken down or used metabolically Where high blood concentration of LDL
(e.g.…read more

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Production of protein can be many times faster, than Many people may not want to eat fungal protein that has
that of an animal or plant been grown on waste
Production can be increased or decreased, according to The microorganisms are grown un huge fermenters and need
demand to be isolated from the material on which they grow on
No animal welfare issues The protein has to be purified to insure it's uncontaminated
Provide a good source of proteins for vegetarians The conditions…read more

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Natural Artificial
Passive Antibodies provided via placenta or breast milk Immunity provided by an injection of antibodies
This make the baby immune to diseases that the made by another individual
mother is immune to
It's very useful in the 1st year of a babies life,
when the immune system is developing
Active Immunity provided by antibodies made as a result Immunity provided by antibodies made in the
of infection immune system as a result of vaccination
A person suffers from disease once and is then…read more


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