Revision Notes


1. Firstly make sure you have no distractions.

facebook ,twitter ,youtube etc.

2 . Make sure that you are organised.

Spend one whole day getting all of your revision kit ready from your books, files, Cards ,past papers, pens and highlighters -whatever study materials are best for you etc.

Then make two different timetables - one for your exams and the other a revision timetable. Work out how long you should revise for, when and allocate specific topics for different days. Work out how much time you have before the exam and divide it equally with your subjects also leaving time for breaks and extra time if you don't manage to revise it all and for going over everything.

3. At first try to cover specifically and note form details quickly because you might run out of time to revise before the exam. And then afterwards go over everything in more detail.

Make sure you have lots of past papers to go over because they are key revision material. you can use these to see what content has changed as well as test yourself.

4. The most productive time of day is In the morning. Start revising no later than 9.30 am. Don't work at night because you wont remember anything. 

Work alone because then you will be much more productive. If you work with other people you will get distracted and not be able to concentrate as well.

5. Some people use music to help them revise this can be quite useful if it helps you to remember stuff…


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