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William Paley(1743-1805)
put forward his design arguments in his book; Natural Theology.
Design qua regularity
just as a formal garden shows evidence of a designer, by the lack of weeds and the order and regularity in the flower arrangements, the universe shows evidence of a designer, by the rotation of the planets and natural laws such as gravity. Philosophers conclude that just as the garden didn't come about by chance, neither did the universe, both were designed.
Paley used evidence from astronomy and Newtons laws of motion and gravity to prove design in the universe. Paley pointed to the rotation of the planets in our solar system, and how they all obey the same universal law, and hold their orbits because of gravity, noting how even slight irregularities in this order would result in chaos, surely this could not have
come about by chance. He concluded that some external agent must have imposed order on the universe as a whole, and this agent must be God.
Design qua purpose
in the 17th century it had been proved that the planets orbited the sun and Newton…


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