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Arguments for abortion

  • A woman has the right to choose whether or not she wants to have the baby. It is her body.
  • In the case of ****, it would be lacking in compassion to deny a woman the right to an abortion.
  • The woman might be too young, or have work or family commitments which make bringing up a child difficult or impossible for her.
  • The pregnant woman's health and welfare are more important than that of the embryo or fetus.
  • The pregnant woman's life is more important than that of the embryo or fetus.
  • The embryo or fetus does not have the same rights as the mother.
  • The quality of life of the unborn child or the woman's existing children could be adversely affected by the birth.
  • Stopping legal abortions would mean a return to 'back street' abortions, causing a great deal of suffering to the health and wellbeing of the woman. Abortion could therefore be the lesser of two evils.

Arguments against abortion

  • Roman Catholics believe that life begins at conception and therefore abortion is morally wrong. Most Protestant churches in Britain also view abortion as a moral wrong, but concede that there are some limited


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