religion as a force for change

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Weber argues that the religious beliefs of Calvinism helped to bring about major social change - the emergence of capitalism in Northern Europe. Modern capitalism is unique because it is based on profit for its own sake, rather than for spending on luxuries. Weber calls this the 'spirit of capitalism'. This spirit is similar to the Calvinists' beliefs and attitudes. Calvinism had several distinctive beliefs:

  • predestination - god predetermines who will be saved and individuals cannot do anything to change this
  • divine transcendence - god is so far above and beyond this world that no human being could possibly claim to know his will which creates salvation panic among Calvinists
  • Asceticism - Abstinence, self discipline and…




Really good - thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, i'm hoping to get a B this year :) x



Thank you, really useful(:

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