Religion, Conservative force or force for social change

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  • Is religion a conservative force or a force for change?
    • 2. Religion causes social change
      • This is the view of sociologists such as Weber (Calvinism)
      • e.g. Methodist Church founded by John Wesley- he wanted a church in touch with the common man. Methodists then went onto being involved in developing trade unions and the Labour party. This shows how religion can chane society, especialy when combined with politics
      • American Civil rights movement
      • Millenarian Movements
    • 1. Religion prevents social change (conservative force)
      • This is the view of Functionalist, Marxists and Feminists
        • They all... Emphasise how religion helps to maintain the social order.    Highlight how religion reinforces certain ideas   Emphasise how religion meets the needs of individuals and prevents social breakdown.    Religion promotes conformity.     Show how religion prevents society from changing.
      • Conservative force usually refers to religion preventing change and maintaining the status quo
        • In some circumstances religion can promote social change while maintaining traditional values e.g when there is a revival of fundamentalist religious beliefs.
          • 'FUNDAMENTALIST' - belief in the need to return to traditional values and practices, usually involving literal translation of religious text


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