Religion and Conflict

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  • Retaliation when wronged is not helpful; praying for those who are against you is better
  • Showing love, compassion and kindness towards others is following Jesus' example
  • Jesus called on people to be 'peacemakers' - Matthew 5:9


  • The name Islam comes from a root word meaning peace and submission, to the will of Allah is how peace is produced and maintained
  • It was Allah's command that people live in peace, justice and responsible brotherhood
  • The Qur'An teaches that Muslims should seek reconciliation and not revenge (Surah 3:134)

The Quakers

The Quakers teach the need for peace and equality. They are working to achieve positive social change in areas where there is a need for peace. Quakers are pacifists. They support local groups try to build stability. They offer advice and support on how to maintain peace between communities. They are promoting the 'peace tax' campaign, calling for the goverment to use tax money for peace rather than war

The Liverpool Interfaith Youth Council Project

  • To promote understanding, respect and positive co-operation
  • To encourage teenagers to work together to make decisions about their community
  • To develop active citizenship within the local community
  • Hold workshops in which they learn about aspects of each other's faiths
  • Get involved in community projects and get to know people in the community
  • Go on residential


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