Reducing global inequality

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Some people in poorer countries try to improve their quality of life on their own- rather than relying on help from others. This is called ' self-help'. Here are a few ways that people do this:

1) Moving from rural areas to urban areas often improves a person's quality of life. Things like water, food and jobs are ofter easier to get in towns and cities.

2) Some people improve their qulity of life by improving their environment, e.g. their houses.

3) Communities can work together to imprive quality of life for everyone in the community, e.g. some communities build and run service like schools.

Fair trade and trading groups help increase the money made from trade

Fair trade:

1) Fair trade is all abuot getting a fair price for good produced in poorer countries, e.g. coffee

2) Companies who want to sell products labelled as fair trade have to pay the producers a fair price.

3) Buyers also…


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