recovery process

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Recovery process

Fatigue is the inability to maintain power output.

Fatigue is caused by :

  • depletion of PC stores

  • depletion of glycogen stores

  • build up of blood lactate

  • drop in PH affecting enzyme action

  • reduction in ATP resynthesise

  • fluid loss

Oxygen deficit (A.K.A – oxygen debt)

your heart rate remains elevated after exercise. This helps the body return to its pre exercise state and this process is known as recovery.

The oxygen deficit can be thought of as the extra amount of oxygen that would be needed to to complete the entire activity aerobically.

The extra oxygen taken in after exercise is known as excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

There are two major components

  1. alactacid debt

  2. lactacid debt

Alactacid debt

  • restores ATP-PC system to…


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