Reasons for the fall of the Provisional Government


How far do you agree that Russia's continued involvement in the First World War was the main reason for the fall of the Provisional Government?

Take into consideration - 

  • First World War
  • Kerensky & the Provisional Government itself
  • Lenin
  • Trotsky

First World War

  • Shortage of food in Russia in 1917 as almost everything produced went to soldiers on the front line. Everything else was rationed off but the rations were so small that they were insufficient to live off.
  • There was a massive loss of morale in Russia and many people were angry at the Provisional Government as they failed to take into consideration the magnitude of problems caused by the war. When the Bolsheviks revolted there was little resistance from the people of Russia as they generally favoured getting rid of the Provisional Government too.
  • The war led to the collapse of the Russian army after the June offensive (or the Kerensky offensive). The counterattacks of the offensive led to mass desertions and in one night, 12,000 deserters were found. Men had begun firing at their own officers. Not only did the Russian army collapse, this offensive was also a massive blow to the Provisional Government and their authority.

Kerensky and the Provisional Government

  • Inherent weaknesses - it was a dual authority and the Petrograd Soviet had control over the Army under Order Number One. Any orders the P.G gave to the army weren't…


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