How accurate is it to state that it was due to Lenin that the fall of the provisional government occured?

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How accurate is it to state that it was due  to Lenin that the fall of the provisional government occured?

It can be argued that Lenin played a crucial role in causing the fall of the provisional governement , but Trotksy did account for much of this victory due to his participitation.

Firsly, Lenin was a good party lead. His return to Petrograd caused an increase sense of purpose for the Bolsheviks. Without his return, it  can be argued that the Bolsheviks would not have mastered a plan to overthrow the Provisional government which would help them aquire power in the years to come. Moreover, Lenin kept his party in small numbers to make sure that all the Bolsheviks were dedicated enough for their cause to destroy the Provisional government/ Without this extremem dedicacation, there may have been splits within the party preventing them sucessfully destroying the Provisional government.

Secondly, Lenin’s policies were crucial to help the fall of the Provisional Government occur. Lenin realised that the peasants, who were the majority of 80% of the country were not happy with the Provisional government as they were not helping them with their land problem. Lenin siezed this opportunity to deliver his April theisis which promised ‘Bread, peace and land’. These were things that not only peasants wished for , but also the proletarian wanted, therfore this increased the support for the Bolsheviks.

Thirdly, it can be argeud that it was ultimately with the help of Trotsky that the Bolsheviks were able to overthrow the PG. This is because he organised the october uprising effectively. To




good resource with lots of detail. However, there are a great deal of spelling mistakes that are a little distracting.

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