How far was the Provisional Government responsible for its own downfall?

Essay on the downfall of the Provisional Government in Russia 1917. Marked and got 23 out of 30, grade B. Hope it helps.

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How far was the Provisional Government responsible for its own downfall?
The Provisional Government had many issues to deal with during the year of 1917.
There was unrest among the people who protested against the food shortages. This
issue was caused by the war which the Provisional Government chose to continue
with. Their legitimacy gave the people and other radical group's basis to undermine
them. However none of these issues would have led to revolution unless they were
used by Lenin to initiate a revolution. It is for this reason that it was not the
Provisional Government who was responsible for its downfall.
The most important factor contributing to the downfall of the Provisional
Government (PG) was the return of Lenin. Lenin returned through Germany after the
fall of the Tsar but went into hiding after the July days. When Lenin returned he was
the only Bolshevik who wanted an armed insurrection. Even Trotsky did not want this.
Having the armed insurrection at that particular time was essential as it had to come
before the elections the PG proposed because from that point onwards the PG
would have gained legitimacy and it would have been very hard to overthrow a
legitimate government. This shows just how well Lenin had thought the issue
through. Had Lenin not taken the move to strike the PG at that moment, there
would have been no change in power. If we were to take Lenin out of the equation,
had Lenin not returned, there would be no revolution. Thus it is not the fault of the
PG for their downfall.

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Another factor that caused the downfall of the PG is the growth of the Bolsheviks in
the Soviets, the main one being the Petrograd Soviet. In September the Bolsheviks
gained a majority in the soviet which gave it considerable power. The soviet was a
powerful institute mainly coming from "order number 1" which the Soviet demanded
after the February revolution.…read more

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The unrest gave something for Lenin and the Bolsheviks to play on. Lenin took the
discontent of the people and offered an alternative. This helped him gain support.
Had the PG stopped the war, there would not have been this unrest. The food
shortages were the main cause of unrest and had it been eradicated, it is unlikely that
there would have been a revolution. Lenin would have had little to play on if this issue
had not been so large.…read more

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November 1917. Should they have succeeded in the
elections, they would have been able to assert their authority all over Russia. It could
be said that the elections could have been held sooner which would have perhaps
prevented a revolution. Though this is the fault of the PG, Lenin was the only
Bolshevik adamant to attempt a revolution. Had it not been for Lenin knowing that
after the elections, there would be no chance for a revolution as the government
would be legitimate.…read more


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