Quantitative Chemistry by Ruth

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Quantitative Chemistry 

Allotropyexistence of two or more forms of an element in same physical state: more than one possible arrangement of bonded atoms

e.g. - solid carbon: diamond, carbon-60 + graphite

      - oxygen: dioxygen + trioxygen

Avogadro constant: a mole of a substance contains 6.02 x 10E23 particles 

Relative atomic mass: expressed masses of atmos as relative values using the carbon-12 atomic mass scale 

relative atomic mass = 12 x average mass of one atom of the element/mass of one atom of carbon-12 

Relative molecular mass: sum of the relative atomic masses of all atoms in one molecule 

e.g. oxygen: atomic mass of 16.00 but since diatomic: relative molecular mass is 32.00

Relative formula mass: sum of relative atomic


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