Puritans and Presbyterians

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History WDC A2 - 28/01/13

Puritans and Presbyterians


Regarded the Church of England as having "popish" and catholic elements and felt that they needed more reformation. Elizabeth felt that they church was fully reformed and caused conflict. An example of this is the vestiarian controversy based over what clerics would dress. There was also conflict over the Act of Uniformity and the Black Rubric.

Although conflict their theological views didn't differ from the church.


Believed the church of England was calvinist and believed that the church should be reformed further under calvinistic structure. No bishops and they believed all ministers should be equal. Lay Elders should have key admin. roles and be assisted by lay deacons.

Feelings heightened when preaching licences were cancelled and would only be reissued if the clergy accepted the 39 articles and prayer book. Some clergy resented the bishops as they were deprived of their living if they didn't have accept the 39 articles and prayer book.

Thomas Cartwright…


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