Psychology Learning Approach

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Main and Key Assumptions of the Approach

A: What is the main assumption of the Learning Approach?

Answer: That all behaivour is learnt and shaped by our environment.

B:What type of behaivour focus on?

Answer: observable/overt /measurable/ non abstarct features.

C: What does Learning Approach say about uncocious forces and the investigating of mental processes?

Answer: they say that they are unscientific and therefore unmeasurable.

D: This approach argues that in order for Psychology to be scientific is dhould focus on what? Rather than?

Answer: It should focus on behaviour that can be objectivley measured rather than things like cognitive processes which can onlt be inferred.

A: "Born as a blank slate"


  1. To begin with the human mind is and empy vessel with nothing but…


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