Mini Difinitions on Approaches to abnomality

Biological, Behavioural, Psychodynamic, Cognitive

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Biological Approach

Behaviour is explained in terms of genetic or physiological factors.

It focusis on treating physical symtoms for psychological disorders.

ie. using by drugs or electroconvulsive therapy

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Behavioral Approach

It claims that all behaviour is learned.

- including abnormal behaviour

- old behaviour can be unlearned

-treating abnormal behaviour is based on this.

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Psychodynamic Approach

Abnormality/psychological problems is caused by past events and experiences.

Treatment is Psychoanalysis- therapist tries to find and sort out the root of the problem.

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Cognitive Approach

Abnomality is explained by rational and irrational thoughts.

It is treated by changing the ways a person thinks from negative thoughts.

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