Psychology Aggression cont.

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The role of the media in aggression

Bandura's research showed that children could learn things from watching a video of somebody being aggressive. Because of this, it was thought that the media could be playing a part in how aggressive people were.

Research on the role of the media

Children in 3 Canadian towns were compared to discover whether television had an effect on their levels of aggression. Originally one town had no television (notel), one had one television channel (unitel), the third had several channels (multitel).

One year later, notel had one channel and unitel and two channels. The researchers noted that these channels had in fact had an effect on thellevels of aggression that these children had. There was also a positive correlation between the amount of TV that the children watched and the amount of aggression he/she showed.


The children in all three towns showed similar levels of aggression when the study started, despite the different channels that they were watching. It could be that notel's levels of aggression started to fall after the researchers


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