Psychological therapies (SD,REBT)

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Systematic Desensitisation (SD):

  • Learn feared stimlus,not scared, anxiety blocks recovery. Introduces fear gradually. Based on counter-conditioning. WOLPE systematic desensitisation overcome anxiety by relaxation technique, fear eventually dispelled.
  • Use to present fear then use relaxation technique, recent years changed to below (imagine) Useful when anxiety is main difficulty, treating phobias,shyness.
  • 1:Taught how to relax completly. 2:therapist and patient make desensitisation hierachy. 3:Patient works through desensitisation hierachy, visualises anxiety then uses relaxation. 4:Once 1 step mastered move onto the next. 5:Eventually masters feared situation.


  • Quick, requires less effort for patient. May be only possible treatments for certains, severe learning difficulties.
  • Succesful…


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