Treating Depression

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Cognitive behaviour therapy:

  • most commonly used psychological treatment for depression and a range of other mental health problems.
  • CBT begins with an assessment in which the patient and the cognitive behaviour therapist work together to clarify the patient's problems. They jointly identify goals for the therapy and put together a plan to achieve them.One of the central tasks is to identify where there might be negative or irrational thoughts that will benefit from challenge.

CBT: Beck's cognitive therapy:

  • Identify the negative triad, once identified, these thoughts must be challenged.
  • Cognitive therapy aims are to help patients test the reality or their negative beliefs.
  • They might be set homework where they have to record whenever people were nice to them so the therapist can produce this as evidence to prove the patient is wrong if they claim no one is nice to them etc.

CBT: Ellis's rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT):

  • REBT extends the ABC model to an ABCDE model, D stands for dispute and 


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