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Describe and evaluate the psychodynamic explanations of Schizophrenia (25 marks)

The psychodynamic  explantion to (s) suggest when the its occurs when a person ego is overwhelmed by the demands of the id or besieged by guilt from the superego and is unable to deal with a repressed traumatic event in the ptts past.

.Unable to resolve the conflict between these parts of the psyche the ego retreats to the oral stage of psychosexual development,a state of great self intrest.At this stage the ego is not differentiated from the id and halluciantions and delusions become confused with the reality. It is this regression what causes the +syptoms of (s) e.g s delusions of grandeur .Auditory hallucinations are caused by the egos attempts to retake control of the mind. Reichman et al describes that people from family’s with (s) mothers who were domineering,cold or highly emotional are at greater risk of developing (s).

Kelvin et al proposed that all children go through stages of development where they feel they are being persecuted.A poor relationships with their primary caregiver can prevent a child from outgrowing these believes and leave them vulnerable to develop (s) later in life.

There is Research Support to the psychodynamic assumption that (s) develops from some disruption to early family relationships.

Lidz et al found that of case study of 50 (s) ptts 90% were found to have disturbed families with 60% of the patients having at least one parent with a serious personality disorder.The parents often made considerable demands of the children and the fathers of male (s) were typically very passive whilst the mother were cold and dominant.This supports the theory as it suggests that (s) may have poor parents with mental problems with whom they have had difficulty bonding with and maintaing a good relationship.As their parents are likely to be their primary caregiver This poor relationships  could have ment they never outgrew their feelings of persecution as children and thus making them vulnerable to developing schizophrenia which supports kelvin et als comments.

Lids et als work like most psychodynamic research into (s) involved the use of case studies.This is helpful as they provide rich specifc detail into (s) which takes into




I'm getting so confused about the psychodynamic approach. Does it have 2 main ideas: the idea that disrupted early family relationships can cause the development of schizophrenia, and also the ideas about the ID, ego and superego.. or are these tied together?? So ******* confused...



^ Yes. You got that right. Don't be confused, you're doing well. Just read the notes over and over again and it should sink in. x



where did you find the research evidence? :)

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