overview of schizophrenia

somethings are missed out and some are blank but the majority isnt! i just havent completely finished it yet. its a long powerpoint but it might be useful. have a look through and i would say enjoy, but at the end of the day its still revision!!!

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Kraeplin (1896) coined the term dementia
praecox, `senility of youth' ­ what we know today
as schizophrenia.
Bleuler (1911) first coined the term schizophrenia,
although literally meaning `split mind' it refers to a
disorder associated with disconnected thought
processes and a loss of contact with reality ­ a loss
of unity of self.…read more

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Schizophrenia prevalence
1% lifetime risk in general population
Holds true for most geographical areas although
rates do vary
Abnormally high in Southern Ireland, Croatia; significantly
lower rates in Italy, Spain (Torrey, 2002)
Risk factors include low SES, minority ethnicity,
urban residence…read more

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Schizophrenia prognosis
`Rule of the thirds' (rule of thumb):
1/3 recover more or less completely
1/3 episodic impairment
1/3 chronic decline
Confirmed in US & UK (Stevens, 1978)
With treatment about 60% of patients manage a
relatively normal life
Prognosis better in non-industrialised societies…read more

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Schizophrenia onset
Source: CIHI (2001)…read more

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