The nature-nurture debate in gender development

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The nature-nurture debate in gender development


  • States gender is biological
  • Men and women are born naturally different
  • The psychical differences between females and males (sex organs) play an important evolutionary function - allows males and females to reproduce

Study: Mead   (Cultural variation in gender-related behaviour)

Aim: To investigate the similarities and differences across gender roles in different cultures

Method: Mead did a study by living with various tribes in New Guinea for six months

Results: Tribe 1 - Both sexes were feminine. Both were said to 'bear a child'

             Tribe 2 - Both sexes were masculine. Eg aggressive, arrogant. - detested children

             Tribe 3 - Gender roles were reversed. Females were independent

Conclusion: Gender roles depend on culture. Gender related behaviours are not universal therefore not determined by nature

Evaluation: ( - ) Findings might be too subjective because


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