Pro-Social Behaviour and Media Influences

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Social Learning Theory - Bandura 

- observation and imitation 

- pro-social acts reinforce people's norms and values 

- people are rewarded for behaviour which then leads to condtioning 


- research into it is very contrived - it is very artifical 

- it neglects biological influences in aggression 

- there may be demand characteristics 

- it assumes that children are going to be passive observers 

- the theory assumes that children cannot resist 

- it recognises how and why children may continue to act aggressively 

Social Cognitive Observational Learning Theory (SCOLT) 

  • schemas - an individual's view of the world 
  • scripts - the way that people deal with real situations 
  • normative beliefs - a person's norms and values 


- it allows for cognitive processes 

- it gives a better explanation for why people use pro social behaviours 


  • looks at the impact of parental mediation with 8 - 12 year olds exposed to pro social media 
  • there were two conditions…


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