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"Discuss the media's influence on pro-social behaviour"

AO1 - Social Learning Theory

Bandura's Social Learning theory proposes that all human behaviour
(included pro-social behaviour) is learnt via observational learning.
Observational learning is where an individual identifies with the
behaviour of a role model and then imitates them by modelling their…

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based on this theory is very rarely seen outside of the research; and
that no established or empirical link has been found.
This therefore acts as contradictory evidence against the Social
Learning Theory as a way of explaining how the media effects (or
increases) pro-social behaviour in individuals who are…

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Therefore suggesting that these new, improved behaviours will not
become part of the child's daily routine. This shows a lack of
consistency, which can lead to problems with reliability.

Another methodological criticism of the research into the media's
effect on pro-social behaviour is that most researchers used lab-based
studies to…


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