Privity past paper

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‘The rule of privity can cause injustice but reforms in both statute and common law

have helped to avoid this injustice’.

Discuss the extent to which this statement is true. [50]

Mark Levels AO1 AO2 AO3

Level 5 21-25 17-20 -

Level 4 16-20 13-16 5

Level 3 11-15 9-12 4

Level 2 6-10 5-8 3

Level 1 1-5 1-4 1-2

Potential answers MAY:

Assessment Objective 1 (25)

Explain the rules of privity:

 That a contract can only be enforced by and against the parties to the contract,

Tweddle v Atkinson, Dunlop v Selfridge;

 Candidates may explain that the rule comes from the need for the parties to have

given consideration to the agreement in order to enforce it.

Explain the…


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