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A2 Criminal Law: Special
Study Paper 2011
Involuntary Manslaughter:
Reckless Manslaughter…read more

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What is Involuntary Manslaughter?
· Involuntary Manslaughter is an unlawful
· Without the intent to kill or cause serious
· There are three types:
­ Constructive/Unlawful Act Manslaughter
­ Gross Negligence Manslaughter
­ Reckless Manslaughter…read more

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What is Reckless Manslaughter?
· Reckless Manslaughter is where the
defendant has foreseen a risk of harm but
takes that risk anyway, and it results in
· It is currently based on a subjective form
of recklessness:
­ R v Cunningham (1957)…read more

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What is Reckless Manslaughter?
· However, for many years it was based on
a more objective form of recklessness
­ MPC v Caldwell (1981)
· Reckless Manslaughter overruled GNM for
a time, and was based on this approach
­ R v Seymour (1983)
· It was then suggested that RM did not
exist at all
­ R v Adomako (1995)…read more

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What is Reckless Manslaughter?
· Then Reckless Manslaughter was
­ R v Lidar (2000)
· This time, however, it was based on the
subjective form of Recklessness formed in
Cunningham…read more

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The Confusion over Gross Negligence
and Reckless Manslaughter
· The switching from GNM to RM etc... has
already been mentioned
· But there is still a blurred boundary
between the two
· When you look at the case facts of R v
Lidar, it can be difficult to see why we
have Reckless Manslaughter as a
separate category.…read more

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