law making

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·         HoL- 839// 640 life peers parliaments act 1911-1949

·         Queen- royal prerogative

·         HoC- constituencies, 650mps, elected 5 years



1ST reading – formality no debate

2nd reading- debate ‘no majority’ system

Committee stage- bill committee (15-60mps) each clause debated, amendments can be made

Report stage- bill goes back to house – all 650 mps can vote

HoL- all stages repeated (excl taxes)

Royal Assent- mere formality



(role hoc- most bills intro by hoc if vote vs a bill then that’s end of bill)

(role hol- acts as check o hoc- limited by parliament act 1911-1949)

Public bill- affects public human rights act 1998,

a)      Gov bills – access to justice act 1999, terrorism act 2000

b)      PMB- backbench not in gov- ballot (take turns 2 present bill 2 p)  + 10 minute rule  eg abortion act 1976(david steel), murder act 1965 (Sidney silverman)

Private bills- Edward berry and doris ward-marriage enabling act 1980 (allows step dad+daughter who met as adults)

Hybrid bills- cross between public and private intro by gov but affects person/place HS2Acts (construction of high speed railway affect p in area)



Green paper- consultative doc propose reform

-          Minister w that responsibility can issue – interested parties invited 2 send comments

White paper- doc states decisions as 2 how reform

-          Firm proposals for new law- may be instead of green paper

= there will be limited opp 4 comment on proposals in white paper

= knee jerk reaction

= consultation paper is doc 2 gather stats views on area of


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