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  • Created on: 16-05-15 10:44
  • modern CAD systems provide the opportunity to communicate design ideas faster
  • CAD technology is used from creating designs to preparing flat pattern markers
  • has the ability to scan images and adapt them
  • digital cameras are also used to import images
  • one key feature is that theres the ability to create knit, print and woven fabrics and drape them onto product sketches
  • 3D CAD systems allow the creation of virtual products
  • makes use of a graphical user interface (GUI) which provides a link between the user and computer, helping the user 'talk' to the system
  • are essential tools to make computers easy and fun to use
  • are user-friendly devices that enable users to enter data through;
    - commands or functions selected from menus
    - they keyboard (Ctrl + S) to save work
  • allow flexbility for users


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