Powers of the President

Constitutional powers of the president:

 Propose legislation i.e. State of the union address

Trump used his 2018 state of the union address to try and secure funding for his Mexican border wall project, keeping Guantanamo bay open, spending for an extra $1.5 trillion on infrastructure, offering citizenship to 1.8 million illegal immigrants in exchange for increased spending on border security, modernise Americas nuclear arsenal, reduce the price of prescription drugs and promote free trade

Submit the annual budget

Sign legislation

Elaborate bill signing ceremonies are often held – Trump held one in June 2017 for the bill to improve veteran’s services and amongst the guests to the signing was Al Baldasaro who made headlines for suggesting that Hilary Clinton should be shot.

Veto legislation

Altogether between George Washington to George bush there have been 1500 regular vetoes used, Trump has not yet vetoed any legislation that has been presented to him. The president also has the power of the pocket veto which can’t be overridden. During his…


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