Powers of the president


The Powers of The President 

  • President can propose legislation to put through congress, Obama proposing the affordable care act at the beginning of 2010
  • However president can recommend legislation but cant actually push it throgh, Obama in 2013 failing to push through gun control 
  • President can also veto legislation congress tries to push through, Bush used 12 regular vetoes 
  • However congress has the power to override these vetoes, Congress overriding Obamas veto in 2016 on a bill that would allow families to sue the saudi government for 9/11
  • President usually has lots of power when it comes to foreign policy, Bush committing america to afghanistan without congressional approval 
  • However, congress still has power of the purse over wars, in Bush's later years congress refused to increase budget for the war 
  • President can also appoint


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