Physics 2 - Fuses and Earthing

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Fuses and Earthing

The earth wire and fuse are included in electrical appliances for safety and work together like this:

  • If a fault in which the live wire somehow touches the metal case, then because the case is earthed, too great a current flows through the live wirem through the case and out down the earth wire.
  • This surge in current melts the fuse when the amount of current is greater than the fuse rating. This cuts off the love supply and breaks the earth wire.
  • This isolates the whole appliance, making it impossible to get an elecric shock from the case. It also prevents the risk of fire caused by the heating eggect of a  large current.
  • As well as people, fuses and earthing are there to protect the circuits and wiring in your appliances from getting fired if there is a current charge.
  • Fuses should be rated as near as possible just higher than the normal operating current.
  • The larger the current…


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