Physics Triple Award P2 Revision

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  • Physics P2
    • Slowing Down and Stopping
      • Thinking Distance
        • The thinking distance is the distance traveled before the drover starts breaking
        • Stoppng distance is the thinking distance plis the breaking distance
        • The thinking distance increases with speed although not as much for the breaking dostance
        • Things that affect the thinking distance
          • Tiredness
          • Distractions
          • Alcohol
          • Drugs
    • Mains Plugs
      • The structure of an electric cable
        • The cables used in a home has 3 main parts:
          • 2) Coloured inner insulation
            • The colour indicates which wire is which and insulates the other copper within the wires
          • 1) stranded copper wire
            • This s the core of the cable as copper is a very good conductor
              • The bundle of copper wires can be bent and coiled without breaking
          • 3) Outer insulation
            • This is stiffer and harder than the inner inslation
              • This provides extra protection
      • Wiring a Plug
        • The blue wire is the neutral wire
          • This is connected to the neutral pin
        • The green and yellow wire is the earth wire
          • This is connected to the earth pin
        • The brown wire is the live wire
          • This is connected to the fuse
        • Rules
          • Always check the correct wire is connected to the right pin
          • The wires can't be streched
          • The screws on the pins need to grip the wire firmly
          • No bare copper should be visible
    • Fuses, Earth and Circuit Breakers
      • Fuses
        • Fuses are small safety devices that contains a length of wire
          • The wire melts if the current gets too high in a circuit breaking the flow of electricity
      • Circuit Breakers
        • circuit breakers are similar to fuses but are more sensitive and work faster
        • It breakes the circuit  after it detects a difference in current between the live and neutral wires
      • Earth
        • The earth wire is a low resistance path for the electric current to flow through


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