physics unit 1- fuel for electricity

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  • in a power station water is heated to produce steam the steam then turns a turbine which powers the generator that produces electricity
  • energy used to heat the water is coal, fossil fuels, oil or gas
  • fossil fuels are obtained from dead plant and animals but add to global warming because co2 is a greenhouse gas
  • gas fired power station turns on really quickly
  • uranium and plutonium power nuclear power stations and create energy through the process of nuclear fission
  • biofuel is obtained from living or recently living organisms e.g. vegetable oil , it is renewable
  • energy from wind and water are rewnewable because they can never be used up
  • WIND- turbines turn their blades and power a generator
  • WATER- hydroelectric power uses GPE to power a generator (uses pumped storage system), wave power can be used as the movement turns a turbine in a floating turbine and sends energy back to shore by cable
  • solar energy from the sun travels through space as  electromagnetic radiation
  • a solar cell in a solar…


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