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A compass contains a permament bar magnet.

Difference between permament & induced === Permamanet produces own magnetic field, Induced is material that becomes manetic when in magnetic field.

On decay, a nucleus emits alpha,beta or gamma radiation.

Radioactivity decay is where a nucleus releases radiation to become more ====stable.

It is a =====random process, which means you cannot predict which individual nucleus in a sample will decay next.

Activity is the word for a radioactive source, i.e., the rate of decay of a source of unstable nuclei/radioactive source.

Units measured in ===== becquerels/Bq

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A fan is connected to mains via a cable containing 3 wires called a ==== Three core cable.

Live wire is ===Brown.     Neutral is === Blue.  Earth is === Green & Yellow.

Live is 230v, Neutral 0v, Earth 0v.

It works by transferring energy.

Energy is transferred from the mains supply  ==== electrically,  to the ===kinetic energy store of the fan's blades.

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Waves on a string are an example of a Transverse wave.

Other examples are ==== Water ripples, Gamma waves.

Power is the  ===rate of energy transfer or === work done. it's measured in ===watts.

An electric fan wastes some energy by transferring it to the thermal energy sotores of its surroundings. what is meant by wasted energy === energy transferred to a less useful energy store.

Which of these are false?  Energy can be transferred usefully, energy can be created, energy can be stored, energy can be disspated, energy can be destroyed.

(Energy can be created & energy can be destroyed)

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Renewable energy resources == Bio-fuel, solar, tidal, geothermal, wave power, hydroelectricity, wind.

Non-renewable == oil, coal, gas, nuclear fuel.

What's the difference between the two types? == Non-renewable will one day run out, renewable will be replenished as it's used.

most vehicles run on petrol, or diesel, both derived from fossil fuels.

Name the 3 fossil fuels == coal, oil & natural gas.

Other uses for fossil fuels == generating electricity/burning coal on fires/using gas central heating/using a gas fire/coal in steam engines.

Bio-fuels used for some cars. They are == solids,liquids or gases produced from plant products or animal waste.

Why? == Fossil fuels will run out/harm the environment

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