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Physics Unit 2
Living For The Future...…read more

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Producing and Distributing
The national grid connect power stations to consumers. The
national grid is a network of pylons and cables which covers the
whole country where electricity is generated and then supplied
to whoever needs it.
All power stations work in a similar way:
1)Use a fuel (e.g. gas or nuclear fuel) to generate steam.
2)The moving steam turns a turbine...
3)This rotating movement from the turbine is converted into
electricity by the generator using electromagnetic induction....
Most power stations are
very inefficient and 2 3
usually energy is
wasted as noise
and heat. The generator creates the
electricity which is then sent to
the national grid.…read more

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Producing and Distributing
electricity, continued...
In the UK, most power stations use fossil fuels to generate heat but
there are other ways...
Fossil fuels: At the moment these fuels are readily available, and they
are a concentrated source of energy which means for one piece of
coal gives a lot of heat. Burning fossil fuels causes acid rain and
produces carbon dioxide. Fossil fuels are running!
Nuclear power: Nuclear power stations use heat produced by uranium
when it is split during a nuclear reaction.
Biomass: Biomass is usually fermented to produce methane. The
methane is then used to make biofuels which can be burned. Biomass
is renewable (e.g. When we start to run out we can just plant more trees
or raise more animals). Burning methane does produce carbon dioxide,
but it is the co2 that the plant actually took in, so this process is carbon
neutral.…read more

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Lets see how well you know it
What are the 3 stages at a power station?
What are the 3 different fuels that a power
station can use? [3]
Explain how biomass is used. [2]
1) Fuel burnt, steam made, steam moves turbine, turbine movement is generated
into electricity using generator.
2) fossil fuels, biomass, nuclear power.
3)Biomass is fermented to produce methane, methane is used to make biofuels,
biofuels are burnt, mention carbon neutral.…read more


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