Philosophy - Miracles

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What is a miracle?

  • It's a coincidence that happens at a certain time that brings out a good outcome. The unlikely becomes reality.
  • It's an act that breaks the laws of nature.
  • It's an act of God. It's when God performs a powerful and a unbelievable act that achieves good.

Christians, Muslims and Jews believe that God works in this world through miracles, because he puts his power through humans to perform Miracles. While Muslims believe that their biggest miracle is  the Qur'an which is when Muhammad received words from Allah on how humans were to live in a good "God-like" manner. This is a revelation for Muslims, because it was the first time that Allah contacted humans.

Athiests and Buddhists do not believe that God works in this world through miracles, because neither believe in God.

Can Miracles occur?

  • Christians, Jews and Muslims believe that God gives humans the power to perform miracles. Thus, Jesus (in Christianity) is able to perform miracles because he is God in "human form".
  • Buddhists believe that miracles can be performed by humans, but do not need God to work through them, because Buddhists do not believe in God. Buddhists say that it is through the power of their mind that humans can perform miracles. Meditation can help people develop miraculous powers. They believe in miracles because Buddha was human and he could perform miracles (e.g. reading people's minds).
  • Athiests say that miracles do not occur, but our understanding of the universe at the moment isn't fully developed. The unexplained events are just something we




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