Outline the Theory of Evolution and explain how it challenges religious belief.

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The Theory of Evolution was proposed by Charles Darwin after travelling on the HMS beagle collecting data of different species of animals. It was on this voyage where he came acro** a number of finches on the gallapogas islands, he realised that depending on the finches environment, they had different variations that aided in their survival. He came to realise that species change and adapt to suit their environment.
Before Darwin, Jean-Baptise Lamark stated that species aquire necesary characteristics from their ancestors, the organs that they use the most grow bigger and stronger with each generation and the organs that they use the least grow smaller with each generation until they eventually di**appear. For example, the girraffes long neck is a result of many generations af girraffes stretching their necks to reach leaves on top of the tree, the girraffes with the shortest necks died as they couldnt get any food, and the giraffes with the longer necks survived and pa**ed their genes onto offspring, the more frequently the neck was streched, the longer it grew from generation to generation. Darwin's theory agreed with Lamark and stated that animals changed and adapted to suit their environment, he said that species produce more offspring than can survive, they have variations withing them, the offspring that have variations that aid in their survival will be the offspring that survives, and pa**es on their genes, this will continue to happen from generation to generation until all members of that species have that useful variation, this is called natural selection. 
Evolution is a random proce** and variations can be due to a mutation in that animals genes, which has some positive effect and aids…


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