2 Types of Opposition Groups to the Nazis

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Opposition Groups 

Former Political Opponents - 

  • Support = The Socialist party, the Communist Party and the Trade Unions. The main enemies in the Weimar Republic. All the parties lost the elections 1933 but still have millions of members and so does the trade unions.
  • Aims = Restoration of democracy, free speech and workers' democratic rights. The communists want a workers' revolution.
  • Activites = Secret meetings, strikes, handing out leaflets, writing anti-Nazi graffiti on walls
  • When most active = 1933-1935
  • What happened = In 1933 all opposition groups and trade unions were banned. Offices were raided, ransacked and closed. 1000's of Socialists this include memeber for the Reichstag and former ministers also, trade union officals, were arrest and put in concentration camps. Many beaten, some tortured, a few killed. Most were realsed, but the aim of the Nazis was to scare people into joining the nazi party or get them to keep quiet. Straight


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