Supporters and Opposition

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  • Supporters and Opposition
    • Opposition
      • Grumblers (or moaning)
        • Lowest type of resistance
        • Often in the privacy of their own homes
        • People may tell an anti-Nazi joke or complain about the way their Jewish friends were being treated
      • Passive Resistance
        • When German publicly didn't support the Nazis
        • E.G refusing to Heil Hitler or give money to the Hitler youth members as they went from house to house collected funds
      • Open Opposition
        • Some German openly declared their dislike of Nazi ideas and policies like the White Rose
          • White Rose urged Germans to get rid of Hitler - anti-Nazi leaflets, graffiti, blew up factories, produced weapons, spies, made statement etc
      • Attempts on Hitler's Life
        • Hitler and the Nazis could not be voted out so the only way to get rid of him was to kill him
          • There were attempt but not many
        • 1935: Jewish plot failed
        • The closest anyone got was in July 1944 when the war was going badly
          • A group of army officers detonated a bomb under a table where Hitler was meeting Nazi leaders
          • 4 men were killed, Hitler's hair was burnt and eardrums burst but he survived
    • Supporters
      • Workers
        • Hitler provided employment with good working conditions and leisure activities
      • Buisnessmen
        • Reduced crime and gave companies new contracts
      • Schoolboys: Hitler youth
      • Farmers: government contracts and helped with debt


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