Odyssey - Book 22 Summary

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  • Odysseus kills Antinous with an arrow.
  • The other suitors are confused and think it may have been an accident. Odysseus rants at them for bleeding his home dry and wooing his wife. Only then do they realize who he is and realize they're going to die. Eurymachus says they'll pay up. Odysseus says it's no deal. They must fight or flee. Eurymachus urges the others to fight. Melanthius goes to the storeroom and retrieves weapons for the suitors.
  • Telemachus sends Eumaeus to see who is arming the suitors. Eumaeus sees Melanthius and asks anout killing him. Odysseus tells Eumaeus to tie him up in the storeroom. He is obeyed.
  • Athene, as Mentor, appears. Both the suitors and Odysseus ask her for help. Mentor taunts Odysseus and tells him to stand beside her.
  • Mentor disappears. Odysseus, Telemachus, Eumaeus and Philoetius stand against Agelaus, Eurynomus, Demoptolemus, Amphimedon, Pisander and Polybus. Agelaus says the six of them should be able to go against the four. They try to kill them, but the four are untouched. Odysseus tells his allies to throw their lances.
  • Odysseus…


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