Noun Cases



  • subject: Euclio in scaena dormit, 'Euclio sleeps on the stage.'
  • complement (after the verb 'to be'): Demaenetus senex est, 'Demaenetus is an old man.'
    • note that complements are in other cases as well
    • make sure that you understand the terms complement and apposition


  • direct object: seruae aulas portant, 'The slave-girls are carrying pots.'
  • two objects with some verbs like habeote puellam doctam habeo, 'I consider you to be a clever girl.'
    • accusative one, te; accusative two, puellam (this is actually the complement. cf. see above.)
    • see also malo: pulchritudinem quam pecuniammalo, 'I prefer beauty to money.'
  • after certain prepositions
    • motion: ad + acc.; in


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