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2nd decl. neuter nouns

thesaur-us i 2m     masc. nom. ending

unguent-um i 2n   neuter nom. ending

distinguishing feature (gen. sing.) for 2nd decl.

Example Paradigm:
nom. unguentum          nom. unguenta

acc. unguentum            acc. unguenta

gen. unguenti               gen. unguentorum

dat. unguento               dat. unguentis

abl. unguento               abl. unguentis

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3rd decl. nouns dictionary entries

aedis aed-is 3f house

fur fur-is 3m thief

honor honor-is 3m respect

senex sen-is 3m old man

1. Nominative form (no nom. ending)

2. the noun stem and genitive ending

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3rd decl.: consonant stem

nom. fur         nom. fures

acc. furem      acc. fures

gen. furis        gen. furum

dat. furi          dat. furibus

abl. fure         abl. furibus

dat. is 'i', abl. is 'e'

'I' am so much better than 'e'.  'I' will go first. 

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3rd decl. i-stem

nom. aedis         nom. aedes

acc. aedem        acc. aedes

gen. aedis          gen. aedium

dat. aedi            dat. aedibus

abl. aede (or 'i')    abl. aedibus

'I' am very greedy.  'I' might want to be ablative as well.

Called 'i-stem' has a dominant 'i' which pops up in several cases.

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1st & 2nd declension adjectives

nullus a um ('us-a-um' adjective)

nom.       nullus          nulla          nullum

acc.        nullum         nullam       nullum

gen.        nullius         nullius        nullius

dat.         nulli            nulli            nulli

abl.         nullo            nulla           nullo

nom.       nulli             nullae         nulla

acc.        nullos           nullas         nulla

gen.       nullorum       nullarum    nullorum

dat.        nullis             nullis          nullis

abl.        nullis             nullis          nullis

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Adjectival agreement

curas multas     feminine accusative plural

senex nullus     masculine nominative singular

multas curas multi senes habent.

Many old men have many concerns.

seruos senex habet multos.

The old man has many slaves.

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