Revision Notes for Study School 2


End-of-Semester Exam: two hours plus fifteen minutes for reading. Three sections: first is translating previous material and one section of new material, second is written grammar questions, and third is multiple choice similar to Vocab & Paradigm tests.

use of 'aedis' in the plural: the word 'aedis' in the singular means a room.  A house is a collection of rooms, therefore 'aedis' in the plural refers to a single house and should be translated accordingly. 

dic mihi: Translated idiomatically, it means 'tell me.'  However, the dative 'mihi' should not be overlooked.  Literally, 'dic mihi' translates as 'tell to me', making it a dative of advantage.

'from' as dative vs ablative: used with a dative of disadvantage, it is shows loss of possession.  'From' with an ablative shows loss by physical force.  

giving a disease (or in Euclio's circumstance, a walloping) to someone is still a dative of advantage: the person is still being the recipient of something whether they like it…


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